NFA Instructors Memorial plaque

NFA Instructors Memorial

The Board of Directors of the National Fire Academy Alumni Association has created a memorial for NFA instructors who have made their mark on the Academy and the students they served. A multi-plated plaque now hangs in the hall, off of the main lobby of Building J. The plaque currently bears the names: Don Manno, Richard Johnson, Burt Phelps, and Clyde Phisterer. We used these four consummate instructors to start the process. They gave everything they had every time they stepped in their classroom contributing to the top notch reputation the NFA has throughout the country and the world. The Board labored with criteria for future honorees, and the following is the current process for nominations for instructors who have passed through the halls of the NFA, have made contributions similar to those already honored on the memorial plaque and have passed on. Nominations will be considered by the Board as follows:

  1. Submit the instructors name, classes taught, number of years taught (if known), their home fire department, and whether they were active, retired, etc.
  2. Submit a paragraph about the time you spent with the instructor (1 week, two weeks, multiple courses over a few years) and how that instructor made your NFA experience what you had hoped for, or how they exceeded your expectations.
  3. Submit a paragraph on how you took what you learned from that instructor and applied it to your home fire department and made operational improvements.
  4. Once the Board receives a nomination from a member, that name will be broadcast via the email blast system to the entire membership. A minimum of an additional 9, for a total of 10 nominations, must be received in order for the Board to consider the nomination for entry on the memorial plaque.
  5. The decision of the Board will then be re-broadcast via the email blast system. In the event the name is accepted, the Board will ensure that the name is engraved on the plaque as soon as possible following approval.  

It is the hope of the Board that nominations such as these come far and few between as we wish our instructors good health and a long life.

Submissions shall be in the form of a Word document and in memo form. Please email  the NFAAA Administrator, Chief Ron Kanterman at