Scholarship Program from the
National Fire Academy Alumni Association

The National Fire Academy Alumni Association is proud to announce that our Scholarship Program continues to run. The program is open to those first time volunteers in need of a meal ticket to attend either a VIP or a 2-week residential course.

To apply for this academy school year for either semester, fill out the application and mail it to the NFAAA Administrator upon acceptance of the student to an NFA resident. The address is:

Chief Ron Kanterman
NFAAA c/o the NFFF (Bldg -O)
16825 South Seton Ave.
P.O. Drawer 498
Emmitsburg, MD 21727

Scholarship winners will be notified by mail or email.

Criteria: The member of your department must be a first time attendee at the NFA, a volunteer firefighter/officer, and must demonstrate a need for the scholarship. We anticipate that each region (10) will have money allotted for: two VIP scholarships of $150.00 each or; one 2-week residential scholarship of $300.00. This money will cover the cost of meals for the time period spent at the NFA. Much like the travel stipend, successful completion of the course is required. NFAAA will disburse the funds after the class is completed by sending a copy of the NFA certificate to the NFAAA Administrator.